Humans Are Awful At War [Short Sci-Fi Story]

Humans are awful at war, concluded envoy Ö-Three-Eyes in her first assessment of the newly integrated species’ ability to reliably defend their corner of the Orion Arm. In a vacuum, without the Great Chain knocking at the metaphorical door, it would have been an interesting conundrum. Compared to its neighbours, humankind didn’t lag behind in […]

Of Human Gods [Short Story]

“Who’s the new guy?” asked a silver-helmed God of War. The many-tentacled monstrosity shrugged, an action that took quite some time and probably sank many ships, “It’s the human’s god. Normally we wouldn’t let such a little species in but he arrived with something he calls ‘Ambrosia’. Try it, it’s excellent.” Another heavily-carapaced God fell […]