Why the Galaxy Fled [Short Sci-Fi Story]

Galactic Year 30.09.2948.3 It is recorded that humanity first detected the possibility of alien life nearly five centuries ago. Even back then, our only option was to send messages to these mysterious beings in the hopes of building relations. Everything from attempts at binary to sending atomic shapes like the hydrogen atom. The thing was, […]

The Fourth Sacred Law of War [Short Sci-Fi Story]

Before humanity, there were only 3 sacred laws of war throughout the galaxy. No nuclear weapons, no chemical weapons, and no biological weapons. Everything else was on the table until that fateful day when the Klaarathi invaded a small human mining colony to gain control of a delithrium deposit. Even on a galactic scale delithrium […]

Do you want Humans? Because that’s how you get Humans [Short Sci-Fi Story]

It started with one shuttle. The craft was old, scarred from countless flights through superheated atmosphere, and its crew wore a mismatched collection of patched-together flight suits. They landed on the diveball field a mile from my house, looked around in utter confusion for maybe ten spans, then left. A few rotations later, another shuttle […]