Scientists to prove “out of body” experiences – with postcards

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Scientists at the University of Southampton in England have come up with a really genius way of proving once and for all whether “out of body” near death experiences actually occur or not.    Is that REALLY a light at the end of a tunnel?   Is that REALLY Nicolas Cage […]

How the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Works… For Dummies

Since the LHC has been successfully powered up yesterday and a lot of confusion remains on what CERN’S Big Bang machine truly does, I thought that some of you might like getting some extra information on the subject. Created by CERN employee Chris Mann, the following presentation explains in relatively simple terms the inner working […]

CERN scientists spammed with death threats over LHC activation

As the LHC’s activation date approaches (only two days left now, folks!), scientists working on the super-collider have started receiving large amounts of pleas, some which include death threats, asking to stop the potential apocalypse-bringing machine. According to an article published on the Telegraph, CERN, the organization behind the project, has been bombarded with calls, […]