Technorama’s Aluminum Facade Teaches About Wind Currents And Turbulence

In 2002, Technorama, a major science center in Switzerland, asked Ned Kahn to create an aluminum facade for its building, consisting of thousands of aluminum panels that move in the wind, teaching its visitors about air currents and the complex patterns of turbulence caused by them. [Via OhGizmo]

Science is Sexy: What is Evolution?

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Few things in science cause as much public confusion as the Theory of Evolution.  While a number of great resources have already effectively elucidated the concept, including a video I’ve embedded in this article, I think it is valuable to repeat and expand upon these resources in a public […]

Wolfram|Alpha: truly amazing, but no Google slayer yet

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Today marks the official launch date of Wolfram|Alpha, a “computational knowledge engine” from Wolfram Research.  The stated goal of Wolfram|Alpha is “to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.”  Simplistically, you ask it a question and it gives you the answer – along with a […]