Wet String Used For Broadband

Forget “how long’s a piece of string?” — the question now is “what’s its bandwidth?” That’s because an ISP has successfully carried broadband data over two meters of string. It’s the work of an engineer at Andrews and Arnold who was presumably at a loose end in the office. He decided to test the theory […]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Air in Space

NASA has confirmed it will show Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the International Space Station. It will likely be sent on a hard drive rather than via satellite. While NASA hasn’t confirmed much in the way of detail, it appears the movie will be on a drive that’s part of the cargo for the […]

Ataribox Pre-Orders Start This Week

The new (old) Atari console will be up for pre-order from Thursday. Pricing is expected to be around $250-$300 for the Ataribox, which Atari says is closer to a gaming PC than a retro cash-in. The initial reveal of the Ataribox with the familiar wood-style casing of the 2600 made it look like another in […]

GTA Heist Tackles ‘Mount Chiliad Mystery’

The Mount Chiliad mystery might finally be solved in the next major Grand Theft Auto V update. Either that or the makers are just toying with their most dedicated fans. For those of you who either never played GTA V or didn’t become obsessed with it, the ‘mystery’ surrounds a map in the cable car […]

Steam Ditches ‘Volatile’ Bitcoin

Steam has stopped accepting bitcoin in payment for games. It’s blaming high transaction fees and logistical problems caused by the cryptocurrency’s extreme price volatility. While one of the selling points of cryptocurrencies is no transaction fees, it is possible to pay a voluntary fee. This goes to the ‘miner’ that creates the relevant block and […]

Netflix To Make Choose Your Own Adventure Show For Grown-ups

Netflix is to launch a “choose your own adventure” show for adults. It follows a trial of the system for kids shows. Both Puss In Book: Trapped In an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile allow kids to make a series of choices in branching storylines, albeit fairly simple ones with only two […]

Samsung Phones To Get 512GB Storage

Samsung plans to double the maximum on-board storage space on smartphones to 512GB. Its new flash storage will also work quicker, making 4K recordings more viable. The company says it’s already producing the new storage, which comes as an eight-layer embedded chip. However, it’s not confirmed if the storage will be available in the next […]

PPV Pirate ‘Was Just Playing’

Streaming copyrighted pay-per-view events is highly illegal. But one gamer found a cunning way to disguise his actions. Most movie studios and sports broadcasters use some sort of automated recognition system to find unauthorized streams of their material and issue a takedown notice to the site in question. This usually leads to uploaders using tricks […]