3DS Gets SNES-Tribute Casing

If you can’t get your hands on a Nintendo SNES Mini console, you can still get a mini Nintendo console that looks like a SNES. That’s thanks to a special edition design of the 3DS XL.

The $200 handheld is in most respects simply a 3DS XL with a casing design that resembles the colors and layout of the SNES, complete with images of the power, reset and eject buttons. The inside of the device is exactly the same as a standard 3DS XL, but in the SNES gray color.

The bad news is that it doesn’t ship with a power adaptor. The good news is that it comes with a download code for Super Mario Kart. That’s the same version that’s on the SNES Classic and isn’t available for other DS models.

As with the SNES Classic, Europe and Japan are both getting their own editions of the new 3DS XL, resembling the local market version of the original SNES and Super Famicon respectively.

It’s certainly a fun option for 3DS buyers, particularly as there’s no price premium. The only downside is for the poor folk who either get tricked by an ambiguous eBay listing or get bought the wrong “SNES” for Christmas.

[Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition]