Microsoft’s Vision of the Future (Parody)

Once again, the folks at Sarcastic Gamer took one of Microsoft’s brilliant promotional clip, and turned it into something even more brilliant. Check it out: [Via Geekologie]

New Microsoft media player coming Zune

Microsoft has launched the new edition of its Zune music player. It will clearly be the best Zune yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean many people will need, or even want, to buy one. The supposed big selling point is given away in the name: the Zune HD. Yep, you can now get crystal-clear high-resolution […]

Geeky Pics: Geeky License Plates [Pictures]

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Spotting silly vanity license plates is always a fun activity, especially double-innuendo or borderline-obscene ones. But some of the best still come from those who show their geek pride on their bumpers. Kudos to the clever Flickr photographers who make a hobby of spotting geeky license plates! And of […]

New MS Laptop Hunters Ad Pimps Dell XPS 13 Laptop

In this new Laptop Hunters ad, Lauren and her mom are looking for a fast laptop with portability and a long battery life. As can be expected (hey, this is a MS ad, after all), their choice doesn’t end up on a Mac but on an XPS 13 laptop.

Can Your Machine Run Windows 7?

It’s that time again… If you have been reading [GaS], or any other blogs for that matter, you know that there will soon be a new version of the Microsoft operating system. Now are you curious if your faithful machine can handle Windows Seven? You are? Then we have a little application for you!

Xbox games could be getting more physical

Tech site Endgadget is reporting that Microsoft plans to launch a gadget for the Xbox 360 which extends the Wii-style motion control to cover the entire body. According to the site’s source, which has the somewhat lightweight description of “someone who purports to be in the know”, the system would not involve controllers. Instead there […]

Microsoft agrees to free repairs on E74 Xbox bug

Microsoft has agreed to extended the warranty on the Xbox 360 to cover the ‘E74’ error. This bug is different to the much-publicized ‘red ring of death’. It’s indicated by one quadrant of the power indicator glowing, and an on-screen message displaying the error code E74 and informing users to contact Xbox customer support. Once […]

Microsoft Laptop Hunters Ad Spoof: Homeless Frank

In the following Laptop Hunters ad spoof, homeless Frank has a budget of $1,000 to find his perfect laptop. Will he succeed in his quest? Check out the video to find out!