Grab the Knife and Get Carving, Geek Style

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Do you need to geek up your Halloween festivities?  Why not look to the most classic of all Halloween traditions…the pumpkin! This ungodly looking creature is actually a replica of “The Predator” carved onto the face of a pumpkin.  Created by Villafane Studios, it is a true pumpkin masterpiece, […]

Split Reasons: The Ultimate Shop for Geek Gear

I’m sure everybody here knows about ThinkGeek, right? They’ve been around forever, and I don’t know many self-respecting geeks who haven’t lusted after one of their products at one time or another. The only stuff I’ve never really liked from them are their t-shirts… I personally find them a little drab for the Star-Trek-loving bunch. […]

Top Ten Sexiest Fictional Geeks – Part 1

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] As the newest writer here at GAS I consider it my obligation to begin by demonstrating just how sexy I find geeks to be.  Though there is definitely something to be said for real-life geeks, what about the fictional ones?  Whereas geeks might be more thought of for lusting […]

Goodnight Burbank! – Reading the News Was Never This Fun

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Where Anchorman left off, Goodnight Burbank picks right back up and keeps rolling.  In the show, a bunch of ornery, crazy, and sometimes lovable news anchors try to keep it all together while just barely reporting the news.  Goodnight Burbank‘s quirky style and entertaining banter has built it into […]