Microsoft-Activision Deal Raises Eyebrows

Microsoft’s plan to buy Activision Blizzard is facing a series of regulatory challenges. It could mean the company is forced to guarantee titles will remain available on Sony and Nintendo platforms. The Associated Press notes that although Microsoft revealed the $68.7 billion deal seven months ago, it’s so far only had regulatory approval in Saudi […]

The Mushroom Kingdom’s Hottest Singles as Imagined by an AI [Gallery]

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, and Waluigi imagined as if they’d were The Mushroom Kingdom’s hottest singles! Normally, I’d put Mario on top for obvious reasons, but in this case, Wario is a masterpiece with hir chest hair and magnificent mustache. All made via text prompts by Dan Leveille with the Midjourney AI! [Source: Dan Leveille]