Aaron Paul’s Voice Trolls Xbox Users


If you walked into your living room to find Aaron Paul had switched on your Xbox, you’d be confused. But that’s just what the Breaking Bad star — or at least his voice — has been doing according to users. Paul’s voice appears in a television commercial for the Xbox One in which he demonstrates […]

Realistic Mortal Kombat: Sub-Zero vs. Johnny Cage


Watch as Sub Zero’s fatality faces the harsh reality of basic physics. [Pete Holmes]

Far Cry 4 Is Pretty Darn Gorgeous [Gameplay Video]


Warning: gore. Watch the first Far Cry 4 gameplay footage, introducing the #1 most requested feature among fans: open-world co-op with a friend! [farcrygame]

Video Game Composers Fight to Keep Scoring Work


For many video game players, one of the elements that creates a fully immersive environment into these fantastical worlds is the music that accompanies you along the journey. Many of us can pinpoint our favorite story arcs by the score that played in the background. The composers and musicians behind these games provide a crucial element […]

Dementia Pugilistica [Comic]


[Source: Virtual Shackles]

E3 Hit By Outbreak Of Déja Vu


The first day of the E3 games event was dominated by the major players and it seems they’ll be playing it safe, with announcements of a host of sequels and re-releases for the new generation of consoles. Microsoft’s big Xbox One announcement of the day was Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It’s a single $60 package […]

This Year’s E3 Conference Resumed


I don’t know about you guys, but everything I’ve read (or watched) from the E3 conference so far this year has left be seriously unimpressed. I mean, I’ve seen almost no real gameplay, the only things we’ve been shown are elaborate cut scenes for titles that I’m mostly not even interested about. And it seems […]

The GOT Theme Performed on an 8-Bit NES Keytar [Video]


The Game of Thrones theme performed on an 8-bit NES keytar by Youtuber Theramin Hero: Most of the buttons are functional and can be remapped to different functions, as can the whammy bar. It also has an onboard arpeggio and drum sequencer. The sound comes from the original RP2A03 chip in the NES, giving it […]

I Got to Take Advantage of this Great Weather! [Comic]


Now that it’s starting to be a little warmer outside, we have to take the time to take advantage of the great weather! [Source: Invisible Bread Comics]

Super Mario in Numbers [Video]


Did you know that the Super Mario film was released in 1993 and lost almost 30 million dollars. Stars Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo were drunk throughout as they knew the film would flop. Super Mario In Numbers! Find out amazing facts about everyone’s favorite plumber here! [Alltime Numbers]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Truck Chase Scene Remade in GTA V [Video]


The truck chase scene from Terminator 2 entirely remade in GTA V by Youtuber John Chapman. Hey everyone, so this week we remade a scene from T-2 (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and it took quite some time. It mostly took a lot of time because I wanted to try to make it exact. Yes I […]

Gaming: Then vs. Now [Pic]


[Via CB]