Top 10 Casual Games

Some people like to play hardcore games and break a sweat (and a few controllers in the process). While others like casual games. Games you can pick up and play whenever without getting too invested or losing too much time. Whether they are mobile games or not, casual games still need to be considered games, […]

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2015 Cosplay in Pictures: Part I [Gallery]

Another year, another fantastic edition of San Diego Comic-Con, the Geek Mecca of all geek conventions! As we’ve done for the past few years, we are on location, thanks for our photographer Nick Acott, to cover the con for you guys. Expect plenty of awesome photos in the days to come! First up, the pictures […]

BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT (Honest Game Trailers)

From Bebop and Rocksteady comes the only reason for the PC Master Race to descend from their ivory towers and mingle amongst the console common folk in the best Batman game of all time. [Smosh Games]

The Best ‘Mortal Kombat’ Meme You Will Ever See

You know how sometimes you see memes and can just tell the people making them had no idea what they were doing? Then, sometimes you see memes and realize they are perfect? Well, this is that second one. I would like to call it the “Seductive Scorpion” Mortal Kombat Meme, but I did not make […]

Upcoming Transformers Game Features Gen 1 Autobots and Decepticons [Video]

Have you seen how beautiful that game is? How shiny? I don’t think there’s a game that made me squee this loud in the 6 month… apart from Fallout 4, of course. The TRANSFORMERS are back, and this time they’re in the hands of acclaimed developer PlatinumGames, who have combined their over-the-top brawler action with […]

OMG YES: The Doctor Teams Up with Batman and Gandalf in New LEGO Game!

This is going to be awesome, and I’m gonna totally play that game just because the doctor can be in it. It’s going to offer the possibility of playing with the characters of A LOT of franchises, so be sure to check it out! Doctor Who joins LEGO Dimensions! Step into your TARDIS and help […]

Amazon Offers Customizable 3D Printed Video Game Figures

While there’s no shortage of video game-themed action figures to collect, you’re normally stuck with the manufacturer’s design and pose. Amazon hopes to change that with a range of customizable figures using 3D printing. The service involves tie-ups with 3D printing company Sandboxr and the makers of Infinity Blade, Primal Carnage and Smite. After choosing […]

Because You’re Worth It: The Future Of Hair Graphics Is Impressive

NVIDIA HairWorks is a piece of tech being mastered right now that renders the hair of characters to be more realistic and have physics relative to real hair. The problem with it is it saps performance quality quite a bit. They are working on making a version that has the physics and graphics that represent […]

‘Lego Marvel’ Has Easter Eggs Stacked Upon Easter Eggs

So I want you to take a moment to look at the Lego Marvel easter egg(s) above. You have an Indiana Jones egg which turns into a Samuel L. Jackson egg, which then evolves into a Snakes on a Plane easter egg. That is eggception, and proof that game writers probably don’t get paid enough […]

The Strange History of ‘Terminator’ Games

The Terminator has a strange history when it comes to video games. Though a good portion of the movies have been decent, oddly enough, there haven’t been many Terminator games that have actually lived up to the awesome hype of the films that came before them. DenOfGeek put together a list about the matter: Terminator […]

Can’t Wait To Play Fallout 4 – A “Can’t Fight This Feeling” Parody [Video]

I don’t know about you, but this music video by Bonecage resumes quite well how I feel about Fallout 4 right now. [Bonecage]

Montreal Comic Con 2015 in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was at Montreal Comiccon 2015 last Saturday and took *A LOT* of photos of cosplayers attending the event. Since I had so many pictures, I divided the article in two parts, so here is the second batch of photos for you guys! As always, if you recognize yourself in […]