Beautiful: Singing the Halo Theme in an Empty Church [Video]

It sounds even better than the version in an empty stairwell! [rdub205]

The Night I Became Mega Man [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that. Comic by artist Samantha Leriche-Gionet. [Source: Samantha Leriche-Gionet – Boumeries]

The Legend of Zelda is Racist [Humorous Video]

The greatest mystery of the Zelda series is revealed, the origin of Dark Link! [The Warp Zone | Via]

Limited Gaming Can Boost Child Wellbeing

A new “study of studies” suggests that a small amount of video gaming can help children’s psychosocial adjustment. But it’s not an effect strong enough to outweigh other developmental factors. Dr Andrew Przbylski of Oxford University collated the results of several surveys covering around 5,000 British children aged 10 to 15. He filtered the results […]

The Day Nathan Fillion Said “NO” to Justin Bieber [Video]

A while ago at a HALO release party, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were busy playing the game when Justin Bieber arrived and asked Nathan to stop playing because he needed the whole room to himself. Naturally, Nathan behing the awesome nerd that he his totally turned him down. Be sure to jump ahead to […]

MARIO vs. POKEMON: The Game Boy Movie [WTF Video]

Warning: language. Mario VS Pokemon, a tribute to the Game Boy console celebrating 25 years of dark green/light green game play. [Lee Hardcastle | Via]

MUST WATCH: The Evolution of Video Games – Acapella Edition [Video]

The Evolution of Video Games – Acapella Edition. A journey through our fondest gaming memories, old to new. Game Index and TimeCodes: 1. Pac Man 1980 – 00:43 2. Super Mario Bros 1985 – 00:58 3. Legend of Zelda 1986 – 01:38 4. Dragon Warrior 1986 – 02:26 5. Tetris 1989 – 03:10 6. Ninja […]

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link – Temple/Palace Theme Acapella [Video]

An original a-cappella arrangement of Hyrule Temple from Zelda 2 & Smash Bros. by Youtuber Smooth McGroove. [Smooth McGroove]

Dorkly Comic: The 9 Greatest Fears of Gamers

The 9 greatest fears of gamers as envisionned by Cartoonist Julia Lepetit from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

A True 8-Bit Version of the Skyrim Theme [Video]

Finally, A true 8-bit version of the Skyrim theme! Enjoy! [combovercat]

Incinerating Portal’s Companion Cube with Thermite [Video]

From mikeNgary: This real life Portal Companion Cube prop was hand crafted by Marcus Ross to act as a prop in many of our Portal and Half-Life films. Over the years it’s held up well but has been beaten up and repaired many times so we decided to give it a send off GLaDOS would […]

Megaman X – Boomer Kuwanger’s Theme Cover Done by Epic Keyboard Guy [Video]

Another awesome video game music cover by Youtuber Epic Keyboard Guy. If you like what he’s doing, be sure to subscribe to Epic Keyboard Guy on Youtube! [Epic Keyboard Guy]