When Something is Just Too Awesome to Use [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that. [Source: VG Cats]

Gaming Nostalgia vs. Reality [Comic]

Oh Ultima, how I miss thee! I wish Lord British would come back with an oldschool isometric Ultima, just like Ultima VII part I (The Black Gate) and part II (Serpent Isle.) [Source: Blow the Cartridge Comics]

Limited-Edition Legend of Zelda Lenticular 3D Link Shadowbox [Animated GIF]

Lenticular 3D illustrations fascinate me, and this Legend of Zelda shadowbox would probably be no exception. This limited-edition Legend of Zelda lenticular shadowbox can be found exclusively at ThinkGeek and features the many incarnations of Link over the years. It measures almost 9 1/2″ wide x 11 1/2″ tall x 1 3/4″ deep with beveled […]

This Real Life Freddy Fazbear is Downright Terrifying [Video]

This real life version of Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy’s is absolutely terrifying. The man behind the animatronic is also supposed to create the rest of the band to go along with Freddy at one point. [Dr.CreepyPasta]

The Mushroom Kingdom [Comic]

Mario Golf was released in 1999. Ah, the memories! [Source: Blow the Cartridge Comics]

Turkish Government Says Minecraft Too Violent

The Turkish government has denied reports that it is seeking a legal ban on Minecraft. Local media says officials are concerned the game could encourage children to become violent and even cruel. It appears the country’s Family and Social Policies Ministry began investigating the game after complaints that it allowed players to attack women characters. […]

SHINY: A Firefly Monopoly Game is Coming Out Soon!

After Firefly Clue and Firefly Yahtzee, here comes the Firefly edition of Monopoly! As you can see in the picture above, the traditional tokens are replaced by ships, the properties are planets, and the community chest and chance cards are now named “Gorram” and “Shiny!” The big damn heroes of Firefly are featured in this […]

‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ Game Trailer Astounds [Video]

Some games transport us to magical lands using a breathtaking art style and creating a living, breathing world that feels real to us. Ori and the Blind Forest has that feeling. Almost looks like a Studio Ghibli film, which is about as high a compliment as one can shower on a game. Definitely a game […]

Characters in Video Games: One Step Forward Followed by One Step Back?

Check out this interesting discussion that recently took place on Twitter between Polygon.com review editor Arthur Boop Gies and Michael Hartman, CEO of Frogdice, on the hypersexualization of characters in video games. While Gies is all about creating characters that embrace reality with their outfits, Hartman thinks variety is the way to go. What do […]

Smash Bros Claps WITH REALISTIC AUDIO [Video]

When you lose in Smash Bros, you get an animation of the loser clapping his hands for the winner, but in the game, that clapping is silent. Youtuber GrumpOut changed all that and added realistic audio on top of the animations. Some of them might be a little boring, but here and there, you get […]

This NES Game Cartridge Cutting Board Is Just the Perfect Thing For Slicing Goomba

From CuttingBoredom: Need a place to cut up your mushrooms? Grab a controller, blow it off to make sure it works properly, and set up a 2 player meal on this worlds first NES cartridge Cutting Board! The sample shown is approximately 9×10″. The grooves are able to serve as functional juice grooves! I say […]