The Chain Chomp Cat Bed [Pics]

Catastrophic Creations, a shop that crafts “unconventional” cat furniture, created a cat bed shaped by Chain Chomp, one of the enemies featured in the Super Mario Bros. series. Unfortunately, only two of those were created, and both have already been sold. This was originally going to be a litter box. I still think pictures of […]

Oculus Rift Is Really Coming

The Oculus Rift has finally got a confirmed consumer release date — but it’ll be next year before you can play it. It follows a couple of years of demos and prototypes. Oculus says the virtual reality device will be available for pre-orders later this year and then ship to consumers in 2016. There’s still no […]

Super Power Beat Down: Green Ranger vs. Ryu [Video]

Note: the fight starts at 4:00, so if you want to skip all the blabla, feel free to do so. The latest episode of Super Power Beat Down features a fight between Ryu and the Green Ranger. Who do you think will win? Just watch the fight to find out! [batinthesun]

Sonic the Hedgehog In Real Life [Video]

Cute. [Hus Yaralioglu]

Top 10 Video Game Franchise Rivalries

Rivalries in games are a huge element to gaming, but what about the actual rivalries between game franchises and the characters they created? Think Mario versus Sonic for a perfect example. These rivalries are often so passionate, it is almost like we are shouting for our favorite sports team. But what is your favorite video […]

Top 10 ‘Skyrim’ Facts Your Probably Didn’t Know

Skyrim was a massively sprawling and epic game, and anyone who says they found everything is most likely exaggerating greatly, as new things are STILL being discovered in this great game up to today. While many of us know the ‘arrow to the knee’ joke, here are ten things about Skyrim you probably didn’t know […]

Top 10 Super Nintendo RPGs

It is easy to see that RPGs truly found their stride in the 16-bit days. These role playing games could suddenly be longer and more involved and more visually pleasing than any of the RPGs that had come before them. For that reason, some of the best 16-bit RPGs out there are on the SNES, […]

‘Beyond the Brick’ Lego Trailer Will Leave You Smiling

Beyond the Brick is the kind of movie fans of Lego have been waiting for their whole lives. While Lego Movie was a wonderful and fun experience, this is different entirely. This movie chooses to focus on the makers, lovers and believers in Lego. Whereas Lego Movie was great fun, Beyond the Brick looks like […]

What Happens To Abandoned Kickstarter Games? [Video]

What can we do, Kickstarters just wanna have funds! [Dorkly]

‘Just Cause 3’ Gameplay Trailer Looks INSANE

We showed you guys the teaser trailer to Just Cause 3 a few months back, and we told you we were primed for the first trailer that showed actual gameplay from this expectantly frenetic game. Well, here it is, and good news for fans of the series this far. Just Cause 3 looks like an […]

Night Terrors: A TERRIFYING Augmented Reality Survival Horror Game

Night Terrors is an ultra immersive game that transforms your environment into an absolutely terrifying hellscape. I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’m installing this on my phone. EVER. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Our aim is to create the scariest game ever made. It’s a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, AUGMENTED REALITY survival horror […]

‘GTA V’ Modder Drops Whale In Los Santos, Weirdness Ensues

When you play GTA V the last thing you expect is a whale falling out of the sky. That is what makes this video of a whale falling out of the sky in GTA V so magical. It has no place, it makes no sense, but who cares? It adds hilarious chaos to an already hectic […]