WANT: Fallout 4 Sugar Bombs Cereal Bowl

There’s nothing better than an irradiated bowl of cereals to start your day! From Thinkgeek: Get this Sugar Bombs Cereal Bowl for the most important meal of the day. (Or, in the Wasteland, often the only meal of the day.) It holds 14 ounces of sugary goodness, all the way down to the sludge at […]

If The Warcraft Movie Was Really Based on WOW Gameplay

This is how the poster would look if the World of Warcraft movie were going for “realistic by game terms.” Yes, now we can understand why they strayed from that look and went gritty, to be honest. (imgur)

The Wonderful Cosplay of WonderCon 2016 [Picture Gallery]

Once again this year geeks from all around the U.S. (and the world) flocked to Downtown Los Angeles to partake in the joys of Wondercon instead of celebrating Easter. I scoured Flickr for some CC-licensed photography of the event, and as usual, there was plenty to choose from. Many thanks to Pat Loika, David Ngo, […]

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Gets the “Honest Game Trailer” Treatment [Video]

From the company that desperately wants you to forget the first time they tried this, comes a game that finally lets you recreate the action figure battles you had as a kid – as long as you didn’t own any Marvel toys: Injustice: Gods Among Us. [Smosh Games]

Fantastic World of Warcraft iPad Music Cover – The Lion’s Pride Inn [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Lion’s Pride Inn theme from World of Warcraft done entirely with virtual instruments on an iPad by Youtuber Banjo Guy Ollie. Apps used: Celtic Harp (Jason Sommerlad) Irish Flute (Michael Eskin) Hammered Dulcimer (Michael Eskin) Honner Piano Accordion (Michael Eskin) Real Violin (Pylar Studio) Mandolin!!!! ( Nick Culbertson ) Garage […]


There’s an epic Pokemon battle occurring – between two new types of Pokemon: person type! [Smosh]

Virtual Reality Dad is The Best Dad Ever [Video]

Maybe not the best dad since all dads can be the best dad to their own kids, but this guy is pretty awesome. [Soft Copilot | Via Neatorama]

Wii U’s Days May Be Numbered

A Japanese newspaper claims Nintendo will drop production of the Wii U this year. Nintendo has responded with what may be a denial. The report in Nikkei appears to be based on getting word from component manufacturers that they’ve stopped producing some of the parts used in the console. The plan seems to be to […]