GameFly to rent movies


You might have thought the boom of Netflix streaming sparked the beginning of the end for disc-by-mail rental. But GameFly, which already mails game discs, is now getting into the movie rental business. The program is in a beta test, but has been made extremely simple. If you’ve got a plan that allows you to […]

A Fantastic Video Game Medley on Beer Bottles [Video]


A fantastic medley of video game themes played on beer bottles by the Bottle Boys. [It’s Big!]

Dark Souls II: The 80s Cartoon Edition [Video]


Half man, half undead, ALL HERO! [veselekov | Via]

Hilarious: If The Legend of Zelda Had Cops [Video]


Sir, I’m gonna have to advise you against sending prepubescent minors in Peter Pan costumes to murder pig men after putting together triangles. Best line ever. [Source: Dorkly]

Yes, It Exists: A Playable Gameboy Cosplay [Pic + Video]


Yep, a Gameboy costume that acts as an actual “portable” console. The whole thing runs on a Raspberry Pi and can run various games via interchangeable game cartridges. Amazing, isn’t it? [MidgarZolom | Via FG | Reddit]

This Final Fantasy-Themed Wedding is Beyond Romantic [Video]


We’ve had our fair share of geeky weddings on Geeks are Sexy, but this is one of the most awesome and romantic ones I’ve seen in a while! Elegado & Datan I.XXV.MMXIV wedding theme based on Squaresoft’s/SQEX Final Fantasy video game series. Video editing + music selection by Parkershot Photography. Guests were cosplaying their characters. […]

Three Hearts As One: An Elder Scrolls Online Bard Song Cover by Malukah


An original song composed by Malukah for the Elder Scrolls Online game. A beautiful song and a beautiful voice, what could we ask for more? [Malukah | The Elder Scrolls Online]

A Super Fun Rock Anthem to 8-Bit Video Games [Video]


Be sure to check out this entertaining anthem to 8-bit video games by the guys from the GAG quartet. [Sugar Zaza]

The Ultimate Pokemon Parody Medley [Music Video]


A new parody song from my friends over at the Screen Team featuring songs from Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Katy Perry, One Republic, Avicii, Passenger, and more! [Screen Team]

Amazon Deal of the Say: Save at Least 75% Off on Rockstar Games PC Download + Bonus Deal


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers at least 75% off on select Rockstar Games such as the GTA Trilogy, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3 (Complete Edition) and others. [Save at Least 75% Off on Rockstar Games PC Download] Bonus Deal: Microsoft Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Card – $59.99 $39.99

Dorkly Comic: The Perfect Pet For Every Gamer


Another awesome comic by Andy Kluthe from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

Flappy Bird: The True Story [Video]


There’s also a version in Dutch for those interested. [KUD]