Best Ad Ever: Why You Must Buy Far Cry 4 [Pic]

Pretty convincing, right? Now go and buy it. [Far Cry 4 | Source: huankev on Reddit | Via]

Can You Recognize Them: Re-imagined Game Locations [Video]

15 games, 23 locations: Can you Name them all? Cheat sheet right here! All scenes are recreated in 3D software Cinema 4D and Zbrush.. [Tim Hijlkema]

Man at Arms: Reforged – Forging Squall’s Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII) in Real Life

Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be building some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, they recreate Squall Leonhart’s Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII! [Awe Me]

Honest Trailer: Destiny (Border Halo-World of Warcraft Online) [Video]

The story telling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft, and the co-operative fun of Borderlands may eventually get patched in, but until then play the worlds hottest 7 out of 10 – Destiny. [Smosh Games]

Let’s Do Nothing in Video Games: A Compilation of Idle Animation from Classic Games – Part II

50 games, 75 idle animations! Watch part I here. [Master0fHyrule]

8 Good Reasons To Keep on Playing Video Games [Video]

Now you just need to find a little time for yourself (if you’re working full time and have kids) or convince your parents that gaming is actually good for you. [BuzzFeedVideo]

Street Fighter: Angry Goat Edition [Video]

The ultimate Street Fighter edition. Angry Goat vs the world. Fight! [Marca Blanca]

Amazing Thorn Gun Replica (From Destiny) [Pics]

Check out this totally amazing thorn gun replica by designer Eric Newgard. This listing is for one urethane casting of the Thorn, an exotic hand cannon from Destiny. The original was 3d printed, finished up, and molded for reproduction. The finished Thorn Hand cannon is made of 10 separate parts that allow each gear to […]

Dorkly Comic: Alcohol Hangovers vs. Gaming Hangovers

A fantastic and all too true comic by Dave Mercier (MercWorks) and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

Let’s Do Nothing in Video Games: A Compilation of Idle Animation from Classic Games

A compilation of idle animation from 11 games (10 different series) by Youtuber Master0fHyrule. [Master0fHyrule]