Ringtones that unblock your runny nose?

A Japanese ringtone provider has recently started selling ringtones that, according to scientific studies, can unblock your stuffy, runny nose. The treatment, which is composed of various unmelodious sounds and vibrations, is applied by holding your mobile to the bridge of your nose for 30 seconds while it is ringing. These ringtones are apparently not only effective for people suffering from the flu, but also for those affected by various allergies.

“We developed these ringtones based on scientific studies” claims its creator, who unsurprisingly, doesn’t point out his sources. He also adds that the ringtones will not work on everybody. Yes, of course! Why am I not surprised by this?

The sound frequency effective on men apparently corresponds to a “La” (440 hertz), and the one on women, a “Do” (532 hertz).

The ringtones can currently be downloaded on the portals of many popular Japanese cell phone providers supporting the Dwango platform (NTT Docomo (i-mode), AU/KDDI (EZWeb) and Softbank Mobile (Yahoo Keitai)).

[Via AFP]


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