The Fourier Transform [Comic]

The Fourier transform, named after Joseph Fourier, is a mathematical transform with many applications in physics and engineering. Very commonly it transforms a mathematical function of time, f(t), into a new function, sometimes denoted by or F, whose argument is frequency with units of cycles or radians per second. The new function is then known […]

Internet Dating [Comic]

[Source: Poorly Drawn Lines | Via Faildesk]

Fresh Magikarp Prince of Sinnoh [Comic]

Apparently pokefish can now rap like Will Smith. You have to read it in his voice in order to get the full experience here. Click here if you want to see the animated version. [Via seedatart]

“Just Cos!” NYCC 2012 Edition [Video]

In this installment of Nerdist Channel’s “Just Cos” cosplay series, we spend 6 minutes with Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan as they cosplay their way through New York Comic Con 2012! [Nerdist / Via YouTube]

The Elements as Cartoon Characters [Picture Gallery]

Kaycie D. is an illustrator and animator who decided that she’d do something particularly awesome for her senior thesis project at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She decided to design characters for each of the elements in the periodic table, and she called it Elements: Experiments in Character Design. Some of the characters […]

Beginner Parkour [Pic]

[Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]

“Fratman” Shows Batman’s College Years [Picture]

Unassisted! [Source: Austin Madison / via Xombie Dirge]

Adam WarRock’s “Watch the Throne (X)” [Free Album!]

Musician Adam WarRock says that every time he thinks about the “Watch the Throne” album, he immediately thinks of Professor X. So, he’s done the only logical thing: Made a 10-song hip-hop album dedicated to the X-Men with a direct “Watch the Throne” influence.. You can download the album for free on Comics Alliance. Check […]