Boss Fight! [Comic]

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Apple Maps Attempts an Apology with Siri

As I’m sure you must have heard by now, Apple’s new iOS6 (which the iPhone 5 has installed on automatically) has had a number of issues. The most irritating, of course, was that they completely bunged up the map functionality as they shifted away Google maps to try their own vectorized version. Of course, the […]

What Kind of Underwear Does Batman Wear?

I was reading this article on Buzzfeed about ridiculous questions that people have asked on Yahoo Answers about underwear. The last question was this: Tis an interesting answer, and I wonder if it could be found anywhere in the canon?¬†Any comic geeks out there know the answer, or can perhaps propose a better one? But […]

Cool Tee: Wolverwiener

Nerd approved is promoting this awesome nerdy shirt and it made me LOL to think about if an animals joined the X-Men. Sounds like an awful spin-off, though perhaps seeing a dog dressed as Wolverine being brought around trick-or-treating might be rather amusing. Get 15% off using the codes “CHEAPASS15” or “buytees15”. [$18.95 from Split […]

Talk Like a Pirate Day: How do Draw a Cartoon Pirate [Tutorial]

[GAS] friend and cartoonist Mark Anderson (Be sure to check out his site for lots of great comics!) has just posted this awesome little tutorial that is just perfect for today: How to Draw a Cartoon Pirate. Check it out! Previously on [GAS]: How To Draw A Cartoon R2-D2. [Andertoons]