Life: Then and Now

An amusing look by Caldwell Tanner from College Humor at how things have changed for us since childhood. [Source: College Humor]

Programmers vs. Users [Comic]

This is pretty much true of any profession, but it seems distinct in people who work in technology. What do you guy think? [Via r/geek]

Genius Is… [Comic]

What does it take to be a genius? More than some “geniuses” would admit. From Incidental Comics by Grant Snider. [via Neatorama]

Missing Out [Comic]

[Source: Manu Cornet – Bonkers World]

“Super Dad” [Comic]

I never got a Sidekick Permit when I turned 16! ::pouts:: [SketchMacQ / Via Too Many Ideas]

Snow When You’re a Kid vs. Snow Now [Comic]

I couldn’t have said it better… Also, my two oldest hate snow. Apparently, it’s a generational thing since most kids I know prefer to stay inside during Winter now. Related video that proves that I’m an old dotard. [Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]

“Beauty and the Beast”: Prank’d

Well, now that I think about it… [Via Shortpacked]

FAN-SOURCED: “Wonder Woman” Teaser Trailer [Video]

Maybe we fans just need to pool our resources — and money — and make the damned “Wonder Woman” movie ourselves! Diana fighting Nazis?! Who can’t get behind that?! [Via OnezumiVerse]