Quack Attack: Giant Duck Statue (Or Plushie!) Channels Inner Shark as ‘Bruce’ from Jaws

Bruce, the iconic shark from Jaws, may have had his struggles with beach life, but now he’s ready to make a grand entrance in your display cabinet! Introducing the official Jaws Bruce Giant TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectible and plushie!

Da Dum Da Dum… That’s right Bruce, the iconic shark, couldn’t withstand the beach’s challenges, but he’s poised to make an epic splash in your collection. This XL Jaws Bruce figure boasts remarkable intricacy, complete with a scuba tank ingeniously placed in his jaws and a harpoon dramatically protruding from his side. XL Size TUBBZ – approximately 8.6” (21.9cm) tall and 150% larger than regular TUBBZ!

Oh, and for those interested, you can also get that duck as an adorable plushie!

Bruce the Shark seems to be rather pleased with his new softer look. Don’t be fooled, underneath that soft exterior, he’s still a man-eating shark. Spare the beach and keep him safe and dry in your Jaws collection where he can be admired.

Official Jaws Bruce (Gas Bottle) Giant TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectible

Official Jaws Bruce TUBBZ Plushie

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