Pay What You Want for the Humble WARHAMMER Fantasy Roleplay Book Bundle (And Support Charity!)

Pay what you want for the new Humble WARHAMMER Fantasy Roleplay Book Bundle, offering 18 DRM-FREE Warhammer RPG books, worth a total value of over $280, for a fraction of the price!

Tabletop Roleplaying’s Legendary Must-Play Adventure Campaign!

Bring the stirring legacy and grim, neverending conflict of the Old World to your table with this jam-packed library, and treat your players to the Director’s Cut of The Enemy Within, the revered five-part campaign that inspired a generation of gamers. On top of the core rulebook and starter set, you’ll get everything you need to get into the beloved Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system. Dive into this storied setting with books like Middenheim: City of the White Wolf and Altdorf: Crown of the Empire, along with a host of sourcebooks and adventures to enable countless epic sessions for your group.

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