Forget Mobius Strips! Mobius Cubes are Much Cooler! [Video]

Ever wondered how a Möbius strip, with its single twisted side, translates into a three-dimensional form? Watch as Brandon from Inheritance Machining engineers and crafts a Möbius cube from a single block of steel. Unlike its two-dimensional counterpart, this cube maintains a single continuous side, presenting a challenge that pushes the boundaries of precision and craftsmanship.

I tend to always make tools but sometimes you get an itch that you just have to scratch. And of course what I thought would be a “simple catch up project” ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve made to date. Partially due to the complexity, and mostly due to the lack of planning I put into actually making it. Oh and something about the Young’s modulus.

[Inheritance Machining]

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