Marvel Characters Who Are False Advertising

A lot of Marvel characters have name that has little to do with some of their powers or appearances.

-Ant-Man can be any size, not just ant-sized
-Cyclops has two eyes, not just one
-Winter Soldier is there all year round
-Wolverine does not wear a wolverine fursuit, and no, he’s not a furry
-Iron Man has a suit made from a gold-titanium allow
-Spider-Man has only four limbs and does not shoot webs out of his butt
-Mr. Fantastic is just plain awful
-Venom is not venomous
-Captain America has the Puerto Rican flag on his chest
-Nightcrawler can crawl during the day too
-Star-Lord is not a lord of any star
-Iron Fist’s fist isn’t made of iron
-Bishop is not a religious figure
-Sabretooth has teeth that are not much more pointy and larger than a normal human being
-Black Panther is a human, not a panther
-Black Widow is a human, not a spider, and is not a widow. She’s also white.
-Invisible Woman is visible most of the time
-Daredevil does not do any stadium stunts nor is he a devilish entity

[Via Reddit]

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