Krispy Kreme Unveils Rick and Morty Themed Doughnuts and Shake

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty and live in Australia, you’re in luck! Krispy Kreme, in collaboration with Reese’s, has just unveiled a series of Rick and Morty themed doughnut and a shake! The donuts come in three flavors: Pickle Rick (lemon), Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie, and Strawberry Smiggles. Once you brought your sugar level up by eating all three, wash them down with a Fleeb Juice shake, made by mixing the chain’s raspberry and blue heaven flavors.

I’m kind of sad that the Pickle Rick doughnut is not pickle flavored. Bummer.

Available at select Australian Krispy Kreme locations until March 16, 2020.

[Source: Krispy Kreme Australia on Instagram]

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