DEAL: Blast Your Notes to the Cloud With the Rocketbook Smart Notebook with Pen Station

Instantly blast your notes to the cloud with the Rocketbook reusable Smart Notebook with Pen Station! Just $23.80 instead of $35.99 for a limited time by using promo code MerrySave15 at checkout.

The Rocketbook Wave gives you the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. When you write with the included Pilot FriXion pen, you can erase your notes when you’ve run out of room by plopping the notebook in the microwave. Once you’ve scanned your notes with your smartphone, simply zap your pages clean while your ideas remain secure in the cloud. Each book comes with one Pilot FriXion pen and one Pen Station, which attaches to your notebook and carries any size pen ensuring you never lose it.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook with Pen Station$35.99 $23.80 (Use Promo Code MerrySave15 at Checkout)

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