IT EXISTS: Vegan Christmas Dinner in a Can for Gamers

Believe it or not, GAME, a well-known tech retrailer in the UK, has been making the Christmas dinner in a can since 2013. The idea was that instead of spending time with actual people eating their Christmas dinner, some gamers just wanted to eat in a hurry and get back to playing as quickly as possible.

The original “Christmas Tinner” (pictured above) contained 9 seperate courses, all stacked in layers to optimize the order of consumption. Here’s a review of the original can:

Unfortunately, if you were a vegan gamer, you were out of luck since the can contained animal products. But now, the company has just unveiled their new vegan version!

From Metro:

There’s vegan gravy, mushroom wellington, pigs in aubergine blankets, tofu and stuffing, as well as your go-to winter veggies including squash, sprouts, and parsnips.

Each of those layers sound pretty good, it’s just the aspect of it being crammed into a cylinder that might (definitely) alter the tastes and textures.

There’s also a dessert layer, including vegan custard and choccy cake. Which raises the obvious question, are festive feasters meant to meticulously section off the dessert portion, or simply enjoy a bit of sweetness with every savoury bite?

All that for just £2! Looks… *ahem* … yummy, right?

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