Life Lessons According to Comics

As I already told you in a previous post, in real life, I’m a teacher: I teach English as a Second Language to elementary school students. I had a plan this morning, a very clear plan as to what was going to happen in my class. It didn’t go as planned. Instead of freaking out, I improvised. (And that often implies DC/Marvel/Star Wars or other geeky quotes popping in my brain at the worst possible moment ever)

My wonderful crazy brain reminded me of a very basic lesson by my favorite villain turned Legend: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. I must admit that when the words were coming out of my mouth, at first, I was impressed at how insightful I was until I realized I was repeating my favorite quote from the Flash:

  1. Make the plan
  2. Execute the plan
  3. Expect the plan to go off the rails
  4. Throw away the plan

How many times in life have we gone through this series of events, reaching high anxiety? Leonard, he knows what to expect; he knows that whatever you plan, it will screw up and you will have to regroup.

So I have now decided to live as Leonard Snart, the Legend (as pictured above!) Know where you’re going, how you hope you get there, but stop worrying about what is to come because whatever you plan, it will eventually eff up!

So….What’s your favorite geek mantra to live by?

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