Captain Marvel: Sometimes, Timing is Everything

Captain Marvel Shoes

I went back to work yesterday… Writing for this website is a hobby for me. In real life, I’m that crazy teacher that wears superhero t-shirts with cute skirts and high heels that climbs on desks while playing the ukulele. It’s been 16 years of this crazy fun lifestyle. My first 11 years with high school kids and special ed, and for the past 5 years, elementary school for my three amazing geeklings. Ask anyone: I have the best job in the world! I love my job! I spent most of this year working on crutches because I busted my knee bouldering in August; that’s how much I love my job!

A few weeks before Christmas, life hit me hard. And beginning of February, I couldn’t anymore…I just couldn’t, and not because of my busted knee. When my kids asked me why I wasn’t going to teach them for a while, I told them that I only had energy for them…and they understood.

You see, behind my happy-go-lucky attitude, I have my own personal scars and I tried to hide them in a Galaxy far far away…until they just blew up like a giant Death Star! Sometimes, it hurts more than a broken leg and nobody can see it.

I thought I had to be perfect, I thought I had to prove my emotional scaring. I thought I had something to prove to this person that scarred me, that I still have to see, but weirdly enough, a movie changed my mind.

My Mom always says that life always hands you what you need, that there is a reason for everything in this world… A few weeks ago, once again,  she was right (but don’t tell her! 😉) Captain Marvel came out so the boyfriend and I ended up in a movie theater. I NEEDED TO SEE THIS MOVIE AT THAT MOMENT IN MY LIFE! I needed that boost, that lesson. I came out of the theater balling (and not just because of the Stan Lee reading Mallrats cameo #lovekevinsmith)

Sometimes, it’s not about the quality of a movie, or its actors, or its reviews (ok, we both adored it but that’s beside the point). Sometimes, it’s about timing; the timing in your Life.

So just remember, if you see someone crying during a flick, if you decide to troll someone because their likes of something, you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. You never know what ails your neighbors, your followers, your fellow Facebook group members.

And yesterday, I went back to work, pumped up, wearing my Captain Marvel kicks, ready to climb on the desks, high five the whole school, and it was great! All Hail the Queen of the School Yard is back, scars and all!

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