Deadpool’s Hello Kitty Backpack

An officially-licensed reproduction of Deadpool’s Hello Kitty backpack from the Deadpool movie.

When the movie came out, our ThinkGeek merchant monkeys were like, “We HAVE to have that Hello Kitty bag. It’s great for cosplay (frequently we get stuck with characters who have NO pockets – not as much a problem with Deadpool – thanks, Rob – but still). Where is this from!? Who has the license to make Hello Kitty bags?” We finally tracked it down and found out that particular backpack wasn’t being made anymore. Not for several years. So we had to convince them to restart the production process, basically recreating it from scratch for us. They did it. (We might have promised a lifetime supply of chimichangas in exchange.) And now, this glorious Deadpool’s Hello Kitty Backpack is a ThinkGeek exclusive.

[Deadpool’s Hello Kitty Backpack]

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