Star Trek Is Just Space Fantasy

Ok, this might not be entirely true, but it still made me laugh!



7 Responses to Star Trek Is Just Space Fantasy

  1. The creator of this understands neither science fiction nor Star Trek. Star Wars is space fantasy because it doesn’t explore the consequences of technological innovation. Star Trek is about as sci-fi as it gets.

    • On the scale of “hard sci-fi vs. science-fantasy” Star Wars is obviously way further down the science-fantasy side, but Star Trek with Q, the prophecy from DS9 and some of the very different races/life forms they encounter is far from the hard sci-fi end.

      I wouldn’t say it’s “just space fantasy” as the title says, but it definitively has it’s fair share of fantasy.

    • This was nothing but a humorous comparison between Star Trek visuals and common fantasy elements. I don’t think the author actually means that.

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