$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

People who play music (and us geeks DO love to play music) have always debated the price of instruments. What is the tonal difference between a $100 instrument and a $1000 version of the exact same instrument? Is there a noticable difference, and if so, does it validate the price hike? Truth is, yes, you pay for what you get with most products, though explaining it further than that to non-musicians can be quite difficult. This video, on the other hand, lets you HEAR the difference.

Notice the $100 bass hits all the right notes, but it sounds flat and almost metallic (as in ‘rain on a tin roof’ metallic and not ‘heavy metal’ metallic) whereas the tones on the $10,000 bass are smooth as silk and sound fantastic. Look closely and you will also notice the more expensive bass is much easier for him to play as well, with the bridge being better positioned and the frets being smoother in transition.

So yes, there is a difference, and it’s nice to be able to see and hear it.