$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

People who play music (and us geeks DO love to play music) have always debated the price of instruments. What is the tonal difference between a $100 instrument and a $1000 version of the exact same instrument? Is there a noticable difference, and if so, does it validate the price hike? Truth is, yes, you […]


Spotify’s New Gaming Portal Is Awesome (and Long Overdue)

Video game music is awesome (as any gamer can attest to) and in many ways, trumps even big budget movies for the genuine emotions they can invoke in the player. But to listen to game soundtracks you would have to play the game or buy the actual soundtrack on disc (which was not always easy […]

The 6 Crappiest Music Games Ever

Music games can be a great deal of fun. Or they just be an exercise in timed button presses. Here are 6 of the WORST music games, via Zoomin.TV.Games.

‘Jem’ Producer Responds To Trailer Backlash

If any of you were on the interwebz last week, you probably saw the somewhat jarring trailer for the new live action Jem movie based on the old 80’s cartoon. Pretty much anyone who grew up on the cartoon saw the trailer and wheezed out a WTF, as it looked like nothing resembling the original […]

How A ‘Rock Band’ Song Gets Made

The makers of ‘Rock Band 4‘ sit down and show the world how their vocal and guitar tracks come to life in their “Rock Band” games. You may think they just get the rights to the song and that is that, but that is actually just the first step of many. It is actually kind […]

Turn Songs into 3D-Printed Sculptures You Can ‘Listen To’ with Reify

The benefits of 3D printing are almost too impressive and massive for us to even properly address yet. The possibilities with this tech is limitless, and the directions it is going show great promise. But here is an angle you probably have never heard before, literally. Remember how the Winamp player would make cool visualizations […]

Two Siblings Play ‘Frozen’ Medley While Facing Away from Piano

You may think you have seen every Frozen cover or parody by now, but the truth is, these two siblings take it to new levels. I don’t even really have words for this. Man, I wish my sister and I could do something this cool. Yes, wordplay intended. [Image via, H/T to LaughingSquid]

Check Out This Millennium Falcon Converted To A Record Player

Though it took nine months of work, this Millennium Falcon modded into a record player is one of the coolest things ever. Not only was the shape already perfect to be re-purposed, but the extra parts cost to make this Star Wars toy into a working record player cost around two dollars. Not even kidding […]