5 Big Improvements Xbox Scorpio Brings To The Table

So there seems to be a big buzz about just how powerful the new Xbox Scorpio console is (hands down most powerful console to date), and what that will mean for Microsoft, who have been struggling with the Xbox One since its release. But what Scorpio is doing right now is filling us with more and more questions and giving us not enough answers. As in, how different is the Scorpio console from the Xbox One and how much of that difference will the gamer be able to notice?  I may be able to answer one question about the console, though: Price. Get scared, get very scared.

Based on the specs and cost of hardware INSIDE of Scorpio, you are looking realistically at a console that should cost close to seven hundred dollars each if Microsoft wants to make any actual profit from it. Keep in mind, some are whispering $399.99 but many think that is just high hopes. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Well, if it does end up being $700, that price is going to be totally outta my league so I’m just gonna back away slowly now….

Editor’s note: I’ve read from quite a few sources that the console should go for around $500, but those are just speculations for now.