PREY – Powers Gameplay Trailer 2017 (PS4 Xbox One PC)

Prey has the buzz to be the next big game this year, and with good reason. Looking to blend stealth action with space horror, it looks far better than the original it was based on (and which was also a damn good game not enough of you played). But a lot of people are wondering, we have seen the mimics (the game’s enemy) in action, but the real question is, what can we do?

This killer video presents some of the sick powers the players will be granted when they play this sci fi/horror game. Prey just looks more and more promising the more we see it, just like if Bioshock and Dead Space had a baby with Deus Ex. Hell yes to that.

We bet you cannot wait to get your greasy mitts on this bad boy, and we can’t blame you!


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