Critics Are Misunderstanding Trico and “The Last Guardian”

First and foremost, let me say this is not a sponsored post by Team Ico and it is not a cheap tactic to bring heat to other game sites or magazines for reviews they have given the PS4 game “The Last Guardian.” I just think they are way off about something and I wanted a chance to share this thought with other geeks so people understand some of the ratings they were seeing for this game. The BIG complaint anyone has had with the game is that Trico, the bird-cat-dog is hard to control and doesn’t really listen.

Um, have any of you reviewers ever had a cat?

Listening is not always a big thing in their species. Or how about an excited puppy you adopted that got beaten. Do you expect it to act like a dog you would see on a dog food commercial? If so, you guys and gals may not understand how animals work, wild or otherwise. You see, Trico is SUPPOSED to be difficult. Ever saved a wild animal from torture and captivity? Do you think that animal would be responding to you yelling the same command in their face for an hour or do you think you would have to earn the trust of that creature for that? I think we both know the answer to that, and that is what is at the heart of this game that so few are seeming to understand.

The whole point of Last Guardian is the bond these two establish ACROSS the length of the game and anyone who says that Trico is as tough to manage at the end of the game as it is in the first half are just lying to you. It is a game about patience. You want a virtual dog to follow you around and take bullets for you, play Fallout 4. You want to play a deeply engrossing experience with an animal that is more realistic than any animal ever put into a game (that WILL try your patience at times just like a real animal would) then try The Last Guardian, but as far as the 7 out of 10’s I have seen for game scores, these reviewers seem more confused about animals than anything else and I would take those reviews with a grain of salt and just play the game for yourself to understand how great it is.

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