Top 10 Nearly Impossible Choices in Telltale Games (Spoilers, Obviously)

If Telltale games have become famous for anything it is the BRUTAL decision making in their games that present you with some of the toughest choices you’ve ever been confronted with in the world of gaming. Who do you save, and in turn, who gets killed because of your choice? It can even come down to something as simple as who you choose to sit and eat dinner with or a simple fact you know that you may not have shared with someone. The decisions can seem simple at the time, but we all know seeing “so and so will remember that” pop up on screen after a particularly tough choice fills us with dread. Did we make the right choice? That’s the funny thing about Telltale games. The answers aren’t as simple as right or wrong. The moral quandaries they place gamers in are far more complex than just right or wrong, and sit with you long after playing the games.

That said, this list contains ten particularly tough choices from Telltale’s game library. Be careful, AVAST, YE DEADLY SPOILERS LOOM AHEAD….