Han and Leia Make the Coolest Bathroom Towel Set Ever!


Every Star Wars fan knows the scene in Empire when Princess Leia finally tells Han she loves him before he is about to be dipped in carbonite and he says “I know” as one of the coolest scenes in any movie ever. Dude doesn’t even say it back, and in the script he said I love you, too. That was Harrison Ford totally being a badass and creating one of the best lines in cinema history, on the spot to the surprise of everyone on set. Lucas knew it worked so he kept it, true story (or is it?).

Well, for all you geeks like me who have always wanted to say that to someone, now you can have that exact moment replicated in the amazing towel set you see above. I know people don’t often hear the words “awesome” and “towel set” in the same sentence, but as you can see, there is an exception to every rule.

Plus, the wife knows which towel is hers and the hubby knows which towel is his. Works out ideally for all parties involved. What? You were about to say you want the towel set?

I know.

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