8 Strangest Red Dead Redemption Missions (That Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs to Top)

Let’s none of us pretend we are not BEYOND hyped for Red Dead 2. We know we have to wait a year, and we know that year will feel like slow motion because we all will want it to pass, but when Red Dead 2 finally does get released, we all already know the game will be perfect. Why? Because part one was about as close to a perfect game as we have seen, and there is no way Rockstar will take a step backwards. That is not how they work. They really are the rock stars of gaming and games like this and the GTA series cement that fact.

But just because we have to wait a year doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun year speculating and reminiscing about the original game and just how fun and funny and twisted it got. In this case, we are checking out some of the darker and more insane storylines in the original game, and wondering what Red Dead 2 missions will outdo some of these (frankly, insane) missions from Red Dead Redemption.

I, for one, just pray we get another Undead Nightmare type DLC. That was one of the biggest and best DLC’s of all time, real talk.