Play Outlast 2 Demo Now (at Your Own Risk)


I loved the first Outlast game and found it to be one of the most disturbing video games I have ever played in my life (and yes, I have played both Manhunt games). So naturally, when I heard a playable demo for part two was already available (Steam, PS4 Store, Xbox One,) I snatched it up hungrily (especially considering it is only going to be available until November 1st) and let me tell you, this game’s demo already outshines the last game (but maybe not the Whistleblower DLC, but the less we talk about that nightmare fuel the better).

What already sets it apart is the first game felt very much like a constant game of hide-and-seek, which was tense but did grow a little tiresome by the end. What you have here is much more engrossing and interactive. The scares feel more legit and you don’t feel like you are just running from area to area. There is weight to some of these scares and has me convinced part 2 will be even better and more immersive than the first Outlast.

Play the demo and see for yourself. Just keep a clean pair of knickers by the couch for after the cornfield sequence. Trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way.


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