Resident Evil 7 PS4: Dinner with the Bakers Trailer is Freaky!

After Resident Evil 6 and the fallout of how different and action-based that game was, true fans of the series knew Capcom had to come with something big for Resident Evil 7 to get the game series back on track. We wanted scary, we wanted ammo conservation, we wanted a game that felt like the Resident Evil games we loved and grew up on, while still feeling like something that fit the current gen.

Well, one thing we can say about Resident Evil 7, it definitely looks different (and definitely looks scary AF), but gone are any hints of the Resident Evil we once knew, replaced by something that looks a bit more like PT, but I don’t think anyone is complaining. There is also a clear nod to the dinner scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is cool to see and ensures this game will traumatize us, no matter what it is called.

Look for Resident Evil 7 in January of next year, barring any (inevitable) delays that often tend to go along with games of this magnitude. Looks well worth the wait, though.