Stranger Strings: Jimmy Fallon Has Fun With “Stranger Things” Kids

Stranger Things is a show filled with wonder and mystery, so it is no surprise to anyone just how talented the young cast of the show are. But if people are picking favorites, many are choosing young Millie Bobby Brown, who plays and captures the wonder (and danger) that seems to follow her wherever she goes. One thing we can agree on, not many of us knew anything about these kids before this show, and now, justifiably, they are everywhere. One perfect example of that was a recent episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where Fallon did a skit with the kids involving cans of silly string and “Stranger Things.”

While the video in itself is impressive and it is amazing to how similar these kids are to the actual kids on the show, seeing little Millie Bobby Brown MURDER the Nicki Minaj’s verse from Kanye’s Monster blew my mind. I have heard the expression “kids say the darndest things” but I never heard “kids spit amazing verses flawlessly”, so this is all new to me, but it must be a British thing, as Danny Radcliffe (who plays Harry potter) ended up on Fallon at one point doing the same thing, even more impressive than her.

So apparently, for young British actor and actresses, being able to spit pure fire is a coming of age thing.

Damn, that makes these kids even more impressive.