Someone Made the House from Up in Real Life!


The house from UP is real! I feel like my soul just grew a little more content in knowing that. I know this may be older news to some of you, but I never knew it happened, and didn’t know it existed, and in finding out, my first thought was I wanted to share it. So if some of you have seen this, sorry, but for the few who haven’t, perhaps they are as in awe of it as I am.

So what you are seeing is real. Yup!

The contractor contacted Disney and signed a contract that they COULD do it, but the fine print was there can only be ONE Up house ever made, and so they had it specially made for a couple (who have not made themselves known or how much it cost them open to the public) and now there is a real UP house, recreated perfectly, sans balloons of course. Would not want that house floating away again.

Rumor is the couple may have faced some hardship over the house since, but I refuse to look deeper into this and be crying over it all over again. The movie did that enough to me, I don’t need it to do it again.

Editor’s note: The house is located in Utah, and for those who want to visit or take photos of it, you can do so… for a fee.


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