Resident Evil 7 Finally Gets Gameplay Trailer

I will admit. I am one of the people foaming at the mouth for Resident Evil 7 since I played the stellar PS4 demo recently (also known as PT 2). Thing is, it gives us no indication of the Resident Evil we knew and loved and told us very little about the gameplay itself. We just knew it deviated from part 6 and that was enough to make us happy as fans of the series.

Well, finally we have a trailer that shows us some gameplay and gives us a little more insight into the world Resident Evil 7 is looking to create, and now I want to play it even more. Looks superb, creepy, and everything a RE game SHOULD be but lost sight of over the years. There may be no herbs in sight or shambling undeads (not sure who that “evil girl” is in trailer, but she looks cognizant at least) but it looks scary as hell, and that is what made us love this series in the first place.

Welcome back, Resident Evil. How we missed you.