Pokemon No: Backlash Goes Nuclear


The operators of the Fukushima power plant have warned Pokemon Go players to stay clear of nuclear stations despite game characters being (virtually) located there.

The call comes from the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, which says it tested the game at three of its power stations and found characters. The stations include Fukushima Daiichi, which was the site of serious damage in the 2011 tsunami, leaving several reactors damaged beyond repair.

While it might seem unimaginable that players would be crazy enough to enter a nuclear facility to chase Pokemon, three teens have already been escorted off the property at the Perry Nuclear Power Plan in Ohio.

Pokemon Go creators Niantic are quoted as saying they will consider requests to “remove” Pokemon from particular locations, but only where the positioning puts players in danger.

Hiroshi Hase, the Japanese government minister responsible for technology issues, said that although the global response to the game was “gratifying” for the country’s industry, gamers should take care while playing.