Heath Ledger Easter Egg in “The Killing Joke”

killing joke Ledger reference

I must say, I am quite happy with myself about this. Writing for sites like GeeksAreSexy always has me keeping my geek radar humming, and while watching the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke tonight, my geek-dar was off the charts. It was one moment in particular no one seemed to notice but me, and the minute I did I knew what it was. Though it was a very much blink-and-you-will-miss it type of moment, I knew I spotted something very familiar to me as a massive Batman fan (and Joker fan as well). If you do not immediately recognize that of which I speak from above, maybe this, below, will help:

Image Credit: Empire

Image Credit: Empire Magazine


Yessiree kiddos, that is a direct reference to Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing portrayal of the clown prince from The Dark Knight series, as directed by Christopher Nolan. Every Batman fan knows The Killing Joke is the greatest Batman story of all time, and to make a nod to Heath’s Joker in it just made me like the movie even more. Please note all the other references in those frames including the tragic death of Robin.

Also, I found this easter egg first, so to anyone who steals it…eh, it’s the internet. Steal it. The Joker would have it no other way. Chaos breeds happiness.

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