Gaming Heaven: This Beautiful Thing May Actually Exist (PlayBox 4 One)


Now keep in mind I can see the screen of the console is Photoshopped, but all else about this (including the source) is legit, so let us assume it is real for a moment.

So someone modded their laptop so it could be hold a PS4 and a XBone. Do you even understand this? Can you imagine the soul lucky enough to own this? And it’s portable, for the most part.¬†Whomever created this, I bow down before you and recognize you as the new king of Earth for what you have accomplished.

Now hit me up here, I want one. Badly. And if it is fake, shame on you times a thousand.

Editor’s note: Here you go Remy. However, at $2,595.00 plus extras and shipping, it’s a little pricey!