Why Kylo Ren Might Just Be ‘Star Wars’ Best Villain Yet


I wrote (Editor’s note: Remy Carreiro) a short article addressing all the “Crylo” Ren jokes people have been making all over the web about The Force Awakens baddie, Kylo Ren over at ForeverGeek.com. Calling him emo and whiny, seemingly unaware of how character arcs are supposed to work.

So you think his throwing tantrums shows him as immature and whiny? IT IS SUPPOSED TO. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! He is a young man who lacks any real father figure or mentor, so he gets pissed off and breaks sh*t. Yeah, sorry but that is brilliant writing.

Give it a read, it is well worth it for you anti-Kylo Ren people.

Image Via ForeverGeek

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