The 8 Star Wars Spin-Off Movies We Really Want


Star Wars is a beloved universe for many a geek. But most of us can admit, we all have that ONE perfect Star Wars spin-off in our heads, just sitting there. So does i09, plus nine:

1) Inglourious Basterds with Clonetroopers

Let’s take a page from the best part of the hit Clone Wars cartoon and give the elite commandos of the Republic their big-screen due. There’s a reason these guys managed to become stars despite all looking the same and being surrounded by Jedi, and that’s because they’re awesome—mainly because they fight the biggest, baddest folk of the galaxy without Jedi powers. We’ve seen plenty of war in Star Wars, but narrowing the focus to the Clone Army’s finest would be a fascinating new area for the movies to cover, and one with a proven record to boot.

I could get behind that. Problem is, they wouldn’t hit anything.

(Image, story i09)