Wil Wheaton Talks About His Depression [Video]

A lot of people suffer from depression without even being aware about it. After hearing Wil talk about the condition, I suspect that I’m affected by something similar, even though it’s probably a fairly mild case of it. Thank you Wil for sharing your message with the world, reminding people who might be affected by the illness that they are not alone, even though we often feel like no one is around to understand us.

I’d also totally read a book titled “Learning to Human.” I mean, after his speeches on why it’s awesome to be a geek and how to handle bullies who think they are insulting kids by telling them they’re nerds, I think he’s just the perfect guy to write something like this.

Please Wil, get on it, or at least, write about it online! :)

[Project UROK | Wil Wheaton (Official Site)]