Little Girl Wants to Know How to Deal with Being Called a Nerd, Wil Wheaton Responds [Video]

And as usual, he does it quite eloquently! This video is the perfect companion to another video featuring Wil Wheaton on Why it’s Awesome to be a Nerd.


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  1. I was initially a fan of him from Stand By Me. I’m more of a fan of him as a person and writer these days, though. Been reading his stuff since ’06. Love Wil Wheaton!

    • He’s still right, though. Those guys who need you to pass a test to prove you’re a fan are just unhappy with themselves. They are threatened by women and newbies invading their thing because they’ve been there the whole time and they don’t want there to be “less” in some say for them – not to mention the occasional misogynist. It’s one thing I’m constantly on the guys I know about, whenever they pull that sort of thing (which, thankfully, is not often).

  2. I wish I had those words when my daughter was growing up. I am in tears now after listening to Will because it brought back memories of how my daughters childhood was ruined by bullying. Some children (and adults) can be very mean. My daughter is awesome and put her energy in to art, and is a very very talented artist and wonderful young lady I thank God for every day.

  3. In today’s world though, being a nerd is “cool”. And most nerds I know are more judgmental than people in to sports or physical looks.

    • No, being a nerd is not “cool”. Being a TV or Internet nerd star is “cool”. Being a “cool” person who just happens to have nerd hobbies is “cool”. But being an actual nerd is not seen as “cool”. And yes, actual nerds are feeling threatened, which makes them judgmental – and refers right back to what Wil was saying, which is that it’s about them.

  4. did he say “…. and then there’s 50000 people here in Sweden…..” ?
    (sorry english isn’t my first language)

  5. That’s exactly what I told my boys when they were being bullied. I grew up being bullied by not only strangers but also my own family. I never could do or say the right thing and spent most of my time by myself. By telling my boys to thank those that called them Nerds or Weird they were also able to show the bully that they didn’t care. My boys were able to have the childhood that I was denied. GOOOO Wil Wheaton!!!

  6. I paused Star Trek TNG to watch this video. Wesley’s face was unintentionally on screen at the time. My only regret is that I had not been more of a “nerd” in school.

  7. People get bullied for many reasons. Lately I read a lot of bullying and hatred online aimed at people of religious belief, and I can understand Wil’s comments: these are just people dealing with their own personal issues that have to lash out and mock others.

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