Fifteen Minutes into ‘No Man’s Sky’: What Is It Like?


No Man’s Sky looks like a truly original and ambitious game. One which the world has never really seen before. A fully open universe where you can go in any direction and explore the universe with no limitations whatsoever. Thing is, as awesome and ambitious as the game seems, it leaves many gamers scratching their heads. What will we be doing in the actual game?

Luckily, i09 has spent some time with the title and has a pretty good idea (at least based off what they played):

The time I spent playing and watching No Man’s Sky left me feeling like the PS4/PC title will be more meditative than anything else. Yes, there were explosions and dogfights and giant robots bearing down on me during that session. But, as my ship skimmed over the red oceans of one planet and I walked through the mushroom grass and watched overgrown rabbit creatures skip past, I started to think of No Man’s Sky as a giant book that will live inside my PS4. If all goes well, I’ll be able to play through a chapter or two, come away with a weird thing to show for my travels, and compare notes with fellow adventurers. That’s all I want right now.


So those expecting a Star Wars style shooter may be let down, but those who have wanted to explore space and see just how far it goes and what it has to offer might have just found their perfect game.


(Image via i09)

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