Is ‘Inside Out’ Pixar’s Best Movie Yet?


The buzz that Pixar’s new Inside Out movie is getting is reaching fever peak. People who are seeing it are saying you will laugh, you will cry, you will curse Pixar out loud for making you feel so many things, then you will love them even more for it. Den of Geek sangs its praises already:

But the real vulnerability and brilliance of this film is how it truthfully informs the action in the “real world.” The loss of Joy and the ability to cope with a compartmentalized Sadness happen simultaneously for Riley because her family has moved from a quixotic childhood upbringing in Minnesota to the startling realities of urban life in San Francisco. This is amusingly contextualized by jokes for all ages with Riley growing disgusted that the only pizza they serve in her neighborhood has broccoli on it (sending both Kaling and Black on a rampage). However, it is as the film approaches its third act that its full psychological portrait is drawn. This isn’t just about a girl’s emotions; it’s about creating an animated mosaic of feelings that comprise the oft-ignored symptoms for depression

But come on. It’s Pixar. We all knew Inside Out would be magic. That is just what that studio does.

(Image, story via DenOfGeek)