Those Who Don’t Like Shooters May Want To Give ‘Splatoon’ A Try


Splatoon on Nintendo has been getting quite a buzz, which is odd considering it is a pastel paint based shooting game that looks like it was created solely for kids. Thing is, some time with it is proving to even hardcore gamers (and non shooter fans) that Splatoon has a lot to offer, despite the childish look of it all.

From BoingBoing:

In any other game, this sort of dad-hipness might doom it to condescension, but Splatoon‘s earnestness and absurdity takes it so far it almost comes back around to being cool again. It’s kind of amazing how quickly you can buy into something when it aims so earnestly for wide-eyed silliness; it didn’t take long before I found myself yelling things like, “I think I made it to the next level of freshness!” without a hint of irony.

You can’t argue with fun. Check it out, it might surprise you.

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