Superhero Movies: The Next Four Years


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  1. We will have superheroes for eternity. Look at it this way, Hercules, Perseus, Theseus, Achilles, those were the superheroes of antiquity and we still tell their stories and they weren’t written down.

    • Awww… I was so looking forward to Wonderwoman…. Although, true, I’m not putting my expectations too high. Still wanna see it, though.

  2. IS April 2019 supposed to be Shazam? that’s the flash’s logo. Good god nerds get it right. Marvel sucks! DC rules!

      • I have a Shazam hoodie and people keep saying to me that they “like my Flash hoodie.” lol I get to give them a whole history lesson on Shazam. But seriously… It doesn’t even look like a Flash logo. Wtf? Do they think that the Flash has a monopoly on the lightning bolt?

  3. lol 2 things very wrong with this image… as batfan4life said the april 2019 movie is shazam but that the flash logo… and idk were did the maker get the guardians 2 image…. cus the original has a 5.5.17 date, that one is photoshoped with the date for spiderman (which once was for black panther) for whatever reason that i cant think of

    • The date was originally July 28, 2017. During Kevin Feige announced the Phase 3 lineup, James Gunn made a recorded appearance where he pushed the date UP to 5/5/17.

      • Wow… switched my train of thought to a different track halfway through that message and ended up hooking the wrong cars together. Was “During Kevin Feige’s announcement” and was supposed to be When Kevin Feige announced”. Just to preempt the grammar police.

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