Best News EVER: ‘Adventure Time’ Is Getting Movie From ‘Lego Movie’ Creators


In what may amount to the greatest news ever of all time, seems it has been confirmed that Adventure Time is being made into a full length feature film by the same guys who did the awesometastic Lego Movie. To try to wrap your brain around how fantastic this is will be all but impossible. Just the fact that they are handing it to the Lego Movie guys is such a brilliant step, and you know they will do the material justice for kids and adults alike:

Created by Pendleton Ward at Cartoon Networks Studios, Adventure Time follows the escapades of 12-year-old boy Finn and best friend dog Jake who fight fiercely in a quest to protect their beloved Land of Ooo, usually from the Ice King who is searching high and low for his Princess Bubblegum. The project will be produced by the winning combo of Chris McKay and Roy Lee.

Now if you’ll excuse me guys, I need to go make some bacon pancakes to celebrate this mathematical news!

[Image via KickerDaily, story via DeadlineHollywood]

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