Google and Twitter Become Friends Again

There was a time when you could Google search something and related, topical tweets would come up in your search. Over time, this stopped (for business reasons far too complicated for my feeble mind to understand). But recent news that the two giants have met up and worked out their differences has resulted in some […]

8-Bit Google Maps – Google’s Awesome April Fools Prank

If you were a fan of the Dragon Warrior series on the NES, then you’re going to absolutely love the April Fools prank from Google this year: 8-Bit Google Maps! You can click the Quest button on ANY google map search and convert your bit of the world into an 8-bit quest, with hidden monsters!

Google Salutes Pac-Man!

The little yellow guy we all know and love is 30 years old! Launched on May 22nd, 1980 in Japan, the game Pac-Man swept the world within just a few months. The Guiness Book of World Records lists it as the most successful coin-operated game ever. To celebrate, Google has unveiled an interactive logo that […]

Facebook Surpasses Google This Week… Sort Of

You may have noticed that Facebook isn’t exactly my favorite social media network. There are 100 reasons not to like Facebook, but now I have another one. According to the Financial Times, Facebook traffic has just surpassed Google. Over the last year the company has seen phenomenal growth, especially among the baby boomer crowd. But […]

The Chrome Wars

So Google’s little browser, Chrome, has knocked Safari out of the third-place position, making up 4.4% marketshare among browsers, just barely eking it out over Safari at 4.37%. Sure, those are small potatoes compared to Internet Explorer and Firefox, but still significant. The jump is mostly due the release last week of Chrome for Mac, […]

Google Fast Flip breathes new life into old news

I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a periodical. I’ve never had newspapers delivered to my house. I don’t have any magazine subscriptions. I completely avoid the local news. But I am a news hound, and I check multiple sites daily, even when their format isn’t great. For me, the appeal of online […]

Google Wants to Stalk You and Help You Stalk Your Friends

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Google introduced a new service called Latitude yesterday.  It is a social networking service based on Google Maps that shows any friends that you have that are nearby. It can also be used to see the status of family that may be on the move, such as getting home from […]

Google Chrome to launch tomorrow. The end of Firefox is nigh?

Edit (03/09/2008): We’ve just published a full review of Google Chrome. The article includes installation steps, features, and some speed benchmarks. Check it out! The rumors that Google has been secretly working on an industry-changing browser have been circulating for years – I made similar comments about this on this very blog just a month […]

Google Must Divulge Video Viewing Habits Of Every YouTube User, Says US Court

This is potentially huge. Viacom, which owns MTV and Paramount Pictures, has been involved in a legal battle with YouTube (and now Google) over what Viacom alleges is massive copyright infringement of their property. Viacom claims to have identified 160,000 unauthorised clips of its programmes. Now, a US court has told Google that it must […]

Perform Ego Searches Online With Addict-o-matic

By Mark O’Neill We’re all guilty of it. Every so often, we put our own name into Google to do an “ego search” to see what pops up and to see who’s saying what about us online. But the problem about doing it on Google is that sometimes you get irrelevant results. I mean, putting […]

Could we be about to see a pre-paid iPhone?

By Mark O’Neill Italy could prove to be the turning point for the Apple iPhone. Vodafone and Telecom Italia have announced that they have both won contracts to bring the iPhone to Italy – the first time that two competing networks will sell the iPhone in the same country at the same time – and […]

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion

Yahoo! has been having some trouble lately. After reporting massive drops in revenue this year, Microsoft has offered to buy it out for a massive $44.6 billion. Apparently, the unsolicited move will create stronger competition for Google. It hasn’t been a great year for the struggling company. Yahoo! shares fell 46 percent in October and […]